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Prospects of online totalizators and the basic differences between totalizators and casinos.
The Internet is full of opportunities! It's true that everyone can make money here: both the one who owns a website and those who visit it. Among the great number of opportunities and offers found on the web, a special place, due to the recoupment and profitability prospects, is occupied by online casinos and bookmaker sites.

Prospects of online totalizators
As well as traditional bookmaker companies, online projects can always expect permanent customers. The main difference is that people can access a website at any time and from any country. Moreover, online projects have better chances to attract new audience by publishing targeted advertising for potential players.

An online totalizator is a kind of gamble where players can make money by predicting the results of events or lose their money if their predictions turn out incorrect. Players make bids (certain totalizators may have minimal bid limits) and predict a result of an event (mainly sport events), thus laying a bet. According to the actual result of the event, the players either lose their bids or get them multiplied by several times.
Virtual reality casinos and totalizators started developing drastically since the strict legislative norms were applied to traditional gaming houses. As you know, in 2009 the Russian government issued a law that bans this kind of activities in the country, which baffled a lot of business owners that had been profiting from the industry. The Internet acted as a savior for gamblers and gaming house owners. Thanks the absence of any geographical boundaries, your website may be located on a server in any country where gambling is allowed. At the same time, not only players from Russia will have the opportunity to visit your website, but also everyone who likes gambling all over the world. As you see, online casinos and totalizators give you the opportunity to win positions in the market that is not well developed yet, so the competition is not that serious so far.

Peculiarities of online totalizator development
You should remember that a totalizator is mainly a way of entertainment and pastime, and only after that it is a money making opportunity. And this is the reason why your project should feature a convenient and good-looking design, well adjusted functionality and competently programmed software, so that you could avoid website operation errors which might alienate the visitors. As you see, development of an online casino or online totalizator requires responsible and proficient approach. No templates or free versions are suitable here. If you need a serious result, get ready for serious attitude and investments.
Online totalizators bring solid profits. However, the online bookmaker market is already developing, so if you wish to enter it with your own project, you will certainly have to make serious efforts and investments. The good thing is that there are specialized companies, like Edao, that are able to minimize your expenditures for all kinds of promotion. And the main thing is that the Edao team possesses a valuable experience in promotion of interactive gaming projects of this kind.
Although it may seem identical due to the same gambling idea, there are some essential differences between developing an online casino and an online totalizator.

Differences between online totalizators and casinos:

  1. In a totalizator, players make bid for real events the results of which are normally known to a wide public (sports, politics, celebrities' life events, etc.), while casinos only have a set of games developed by programmers. Due to this reason, an online bookmaker company can expect better trust from the players than an online casino. To make an online casino have a good attendance and win trust and recognition among the players, you will have to make huge efforts. On the contrary, for an online totalizator, it may be enough to have it competently promoted and search engine optimized, along with a competent advertising campaign. But at the same time, online casinos provide better opportunities to make bigger money.
  2. Bids diversity. When an online casino offers one and the same set of gaming applications, the variants for betting at a bookmaker company have practically no limits.
  3. In a totalizator, players may learn the results after a few days, weeks or months, while an online casino gives the opportunity to get instant information about the game results. Thus, the speed of the financial turnover is not that high in a totalizator, which may be unsuitable for some players.
  4. Developing an online totalizator requires comparatively less efforts and time than developing a casino.
  5. As a rule, a totalizator website is not only for gaming, but it also acts as a source of information, as lots of other online resources, apart fro the totalizators and betting websites, offer a great deal of current information on the betting subjects. Some of them may even arrange live broadcasting of the corresponding events.
  6. No cheating is possible in a totalizator, as players' intuition and luck are the only factors here.

It is also worth mentioning that, along with those differences, online casinos and online totalizators have all the opportunities identical to those of all kinds of interactive gaming projects:

    1. Accessibility for a big number of visitors;
    2. No need to be present in person to conclude deals;
    3. No costs for premises rent and reduction of the expenses for hired stuff;
    4. Safety and legality – online totalizators are optimally protected by the law;
    5. Service accessible 24 hours a day.

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