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State-of-the-art software for online casino development.

Development of an online casino as a project dealing with a huge number of financial transactions requires highly competent programming. State-of-the-art software for a casino is a multifunctional system with a huge number of algorithms, which is capable of uninterrupted autonomous operation. Money movements always attract special attention, and this is mainly about online fraudsters. Such people can easily hack a website with a weak code and security, to steal the money you earn and to ruin the reputation of your casino. It is quite easy to avoid such troubles when your casino is developed on the individual basis and with the latest generation software.

What are the dangers of template casino software?

  • Easy to hack and steal the winnings;
  • Incorrect operation and hanging of the online games;
  • Template and banal games;
  • In the end, you just waste your money to buy the software and spend even more money to promote the website that will turn out to be a short-lived thing.

High quality online casino development by Edao means that your casino operates like clockwork and brings you more and more profit every minute. We offer casinos with multifunctional content, high performance and guaranteed reliability and security, as well as with easy controls both for players and for the owner.
Opportunities provided by the professional casino software by Edao:

  • Playing for real and virtual money. Playing for virtual money is a kind of demonstration for players where they can play the games at your website and to learn their special features without having real money on their accounts;
  • Supporting a wide scope of payment systems (WebMoney, Moneybookers, FirePay, E-gold, and a lot of others). Thanks to this opportunity, any player living in any country is able to find a suitable way to fill up the account in order to play at the casino;
  • A big set of features for controlling the casino;
  • Multilanguage support: the casino software supports any languages;

Casino development includes creation of:

    • A website based on any programming languages and featuring a unique design. Later, the casino software will be integrated to the website;
    • A casino server: a specialized server software available online. It performs the function of information storage and output, query processing, and registration, and it operates on a remote server;
    • A website content management system: a web interface that allows managing and controlling the website content and making modifications to it. Thanks to the reliable data encryption, the access is only possible for those with special rights.

Random number generator guarantees that your casino is honest.
It is not hard to guess that any player would prefer a casino ensuring honest deals. Random numbers generated by the casino software is what ensures independent results of the games thanks to the special algorithms. Online casino development always requires integration of random number generating software. Without it, you will not be able to create an honest and impartial playing formula and ensure a fair play in the end.
 Results of using a random number generator:

  • All the sequences of the numbers and symbols existing in the casino will be generated exclusively by this software and in the order that allows no possibility to predict the next number or symbol;
  • The numbers are generated 100% randomly;
  • The random number generator operates in the mode of complicated formulae with big periods;
  • The numbers are generated quickly and without any errors.

Casino development on the basis of flash technologies or exe-applications

Here are the special features of the two variants.

1. Operation principle
A flash-based casino does not require download or installation of any special software. Users can log in to their accounts from any computer connected to the Internet.
An exe-casino is an casino application installed on the user computer.
Usually, users trust flash-based versions better, as they do not have to install any applications that may seem suspicious to them.

2. Operation speed
A flash-based casino takes time to load all the components, which produces considerable loads to the server; the operation speed depends on the bandwidth of the internet channel.
An exe-casino does not require much time to load; it only exchanges updates and numbers with the server. The operation speed depends on the general performance of the player's computer.

3. Graphic features
They are limited in a flash-based casino, while making them more complicated means slower software operation.
An exe-casino allows any possible graphic components.

The major advantage that turns the scale in favor of the flash technologies is that they provide mobility and do not require downloading anything. Therefore, online casinos are based on this version most often.

Of course, apart from the software development, the first thing you will need to get is the license for this kind of business. The license for gaming services is required to certify that all the transactions are legal and to open a payment account. Licenses for gaming business have no geographical borders, the same way as the Internet itself. There are quite a big number of countries that issue licenses for this kind of business, but the governments of Dominica, Barbuda, Gibraltar, Austria, the Netherlands, Panama, Australia, and Costa Rica have become the most reputable licensing authorities.


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