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Development of online games

Development of online games is one of the most demanded services. Every day, millions of Internet users play multiuser online games and spend a great deal of time in the virtual worlds, hiding behind their characters. Games of this kind provide an opportunity to freely interact with other players and find joint solutions for various tasks – this is exactly what this wide popularity mainly results from. Online games may be of different genres. They can be based on various programming solutions and pursue different objects. When somebody manages to develop an online or flash game with a brand new plot and new opportunities, this project becomes the most visited and demanded among the gamers for a long time.

Types of online games:
Games are usually divided into paid and free ones.

  • Shareware games are multiuser applications that do not require any payment for registration, but they only provide a limited set of features, while users have to pay to get access to the advanced features of the game.
  • Officially paid games usually offer a trial period in order to get the user attracted, and then you will have to pay a subscriber fee to be able to stay in this virtual world. Actually, players pay for the time they spend in the virtual reality. However, there are not so many gaming projects of this kind, because making a game so much popular that users agree to pay for a simple game is difficult and costly itself. The main advantage of paid games is that their servers are seldom overloaded, even when a big number of users are playing at the same time.

As a rule, online games are developed basing on the flash technology that provides pretty wide graphical and functional opportunities. Besides, it normally works quite quickly and ensures fast response.

Reasons for success of multiuser flash games:

  • A large player community consisting of real people, which allows real time playing in a more realistic environment. Players realize they are not playing with a machine, which causes better trust and bigger interest;
  • Online games provide nonlinear playing process and a more diversified set of conditions and activities producing more attraction for the players. Players can choose any behavioral model and build any kind of image inside the game, like in the real world;
  • Players are attracted by the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of characters (races, professions, appearances, skills) and to upgrade them in the course of the game;
  • No need to install any additional software on the PC and the possibility to enter the game world from any computer connected to the Internet;

Development of flash games becomes especially profitable when several variants of games are made and published on a single website. Such powerful game servers provide a set of games to match any taste and are able to attract players of any age and sex and with any preferences.

Peculiar features of multiuser online games:

  • User registration required on the website or in the game;
  • A player creates a character by choosing its appearance, physiological and magical qualities, and its set of items (each game has its own peculiar features);
  • The game develops under a previously composed scenario and levels that are passed through by every character. However, players can depart from the strict game plan and select their individual ways;
  • The characters are developing in the course of the game by enhancing its skills and buying valuable items;
  • Players can organize clans, groups and communities in order to reach common tactical and strategic goals;
  • Every online game has a preprogrammed plot line;
  • Time takes its normal course inside the game, no matter if your character is playing or not.

Making money on online games

    • Selling virtual upgrades, valuable stuff and other game artifacts for real money. Since the main goal of a multiuser online game is reaching the highest positions, every player is trying to become the virtual leader as soon as possible. Some people do that by spending their real lives in front of their computers and enhancing the experience and skills of their characters, while others are smarter and buy ready upgrades by paying real money. The owners do not pay for such upgrades at all; they only compose an unlimited number of legends for the characters and set the prices they wish to sell them for. This represents the most desirable business opportunity: to open a new market and to be a monopolist on it, without spending money to create the goods to be sold.
    • Selling advertisements directly on the game website and inside the game world. Since your online games have high quality design and promotion, your website is visited by a big number of people that may get interested in the advertising messages. Hence, the more visitors you get, the higher your revenues from the advertising are.
    • Paid registration.
    • Paid playing time.
Development of online games is much easier and much more efficient is done by professional developers of the Edao Company. We can also offer you to purchase ready-made games that have already been tested and improved. Moreover, we can make a promotion plan for your website, to ensure that your online project is in good demand. Using the services provided by the experienced specialists of Edao, you make sure your online business will be a success.

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