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Development of flash applications

Development of flash games for entertainment

Flash applications allow creation of animated visual projects that attract the visitor's eye, make the visitors interested and enhance their viewing impressions. What could be more attractive than animated websites, presentations, interactive games, banners, splash screens, and other flash-based elements? Selecting between a static image and an animated one, the visitor will certainly choose the latter. Just because it's entertaining!

Advantages of flash-based applications
Flash-based applications are highly stable and reliable, as big resources are invested in the kernel of this technology. The best IT specialists are involved in improving the security of this kernel. This programming framework is subject to long and thorough testing at the development stage, and a large community of programmers and users work on revealing and eliminating all kinds of errors during its operation. The performance of flash-based applications is ensured by transferring the resource-intensive operations from the server to the user's computer, i. e. no user depends on the general server load anymore. This technology allows developing applications for various tasks, with every application being highly flexible and easily customized. Moreover, there are a big number of ready-made libraries enhancing the opportunities provided by this platform.

Thanks to the joint work performed by our flash and action specialists, we are able to develop the most attractive flash-based applications.

The list of our services related to development of flash applications:

1. Development of flash-based websites
The flash technology was invented by the MacroMedia Company to create interactive web pages containing showy elements that can hardly be created by means of any other programming tools. Flash animations are characterized through the high speed and quality, as well as small memory size. Practically, all the elements of a website can use the flash technology, but one should remember that animation slows down the overall operation of the website if a visitor is on a narrow Internet channel.

How flash technology can be used on a website:

  • Banners. They allow improving the efficiency of the advertisements published on your website by means of the interactive opportunities. Flash banners are always eye-catching and offer rich functionality. Besides, they easily stay in the viewer's memory;
  • Starting page. It is perfectly suitable for producing the visitor's first impression. The flash technology allows demonstrating a small video presenting the subject of the website, as well as its advantages and opportunities it provides. The starting page motivates the visitor to proceed to the other sections of the website. Anyway, the flash animation should not be too heavy and should allow the visitor to skip it and go directly to the html version;
  • Menus, buttons and other navigation elements;
  • A fully flash-based website. A nice-looking and organic design made in conformity with the website subject, eye-catching animated splash screens and smooth transitions between the website sections – nothing can be better than that.

Among the disadvantages of the flash-based applications, we should mention that the special flash playing plug-in may be simply disabled on a certain computer. Besides, the search engines are still unable to adequately index flash-based websites.

2. Development of flash-based games
Flash-based games have a lot of advantages, while the main one is the possibility to integrate the games on the website for their online usage. Players don't have to download any software, as everything necessary is already available on the website.
There are three ways of developing flash games:

  1. You already have some ideas of what you would like to get, or you can show which of the existing games you like so that we could make something similar for your website. Basing on your preferences, we will develop the design, characters, plot and features of the game.
  2. In case you don't know where to start from, we can offer you a few development variants based on your budget. Of course, the lower your budget is, the simpler games with smaller set of features you will get.
  3. Purchasing ready-made solutions out of the database of our unique projects. This is really convenient, as you can get what you need immediately. And it's quite reliable, as we have had enough time to test every single element of the application. Besides, you can choose from several dozens of ready-made solutions.

The time required to develop a flash game depends in its complexity and may vary from a few days to several weeks. When the order is urgent, the cost of the game increases.

3. Development of flash-based presentations
Flash presentations represent the best instrument to introduce your company to potential customers in a comprehensive and colorful way. The main convenience is that users can both view the presentation and control it. As one of the most important promotion tools, along with the traditional mass media instruments, flash presentations are the key factor building the first impression about your company or project. Moreover, flash presentations are far less expensive than traditional TV ads, although their information value can be of the same level or even higher.
What is also very convenient about flash presentations is that they can be emailed or recorded on a disc. Thus, a high-quality flash presentation can be used as your electronic business card.

The list of our programming and applications development services also includes development of flash-based online casinos, totalizators, and other kinds of projects for the online environment.


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