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Is an online casino a promising business?
There are gamblers in every country, and a lot of people cherish a dream of winning 2 or 3 million to live a fairly well-to-do life. But not everyone is that lucky… unfortunately for the players and luckily for the casino owners. Gambling business has always been and will always be an endless source of profits. As it is well known, due to some legislative regulations, this kind of business has disappeared from our ordinary life.

But the Internet is totally different. Online casinos are not only legal, but require comparably low costs as well. An online casino will never require any regular investment for the material, technical or human resources as any company outside the virtual reality does. At the same time, an online casino performs absolutely the same functions as a usual one. This business will keep on developing as long as gambling and the desire to quickly become rich live inside the people's minds.

The advantages of online casinos as a business:

  1. Fast launching of the project. To make your online casino start working, you only have to use the casino development services provided by a team of professionals, like that of Edao.
  2. Relatively small investments. If you compare the investment-profitability ratio, you will see that the costs of having an online casino launched will seem insignificant as compared with the amounts of your profit.
  3. Short recoupment term. Competent promotion will allow you to get your investments back within 6 months already. After that, you will only be getting your clear profit.
  4. Wide client audience coverage. Any personal computer user can become a client of your online casino. Registration at your website is all that a user has to do. It's worth mentioning that the number of users depends a lot on competent promotion and optimization of the website.
  5. Open 24/7, 365 days a year. The Internet has no lunch breaks or working hours. All players have the same opportunities at any time of the day, and an online casino is surely able to receive dozens of times as many customers as a traditional gambling house.


Resulting from the abovementioned factors, such projects are always highly profitable. According to the data coming from the American Game Association, for quite a while already, the profitability of online casinos has been higher than that of any traditional gambling business, for any person living in any corner of the planet can use a playing machine online at any moment.

Individual approach is important
The latest trends show that there are a lot of casino websites simply copying each other. Such casinos can't expect to be much successful, as all of them have the same design and games set, so their prospects are easily predictable. On the contrary, when the website of a gambling house represents an advantageous exclusive design, a unique set of games and programs, it will develop successfully in the Internet. Casino development is a complicated set of activities that require highly intellectual programming, while templates and samples may simply be shallow and useless, as they can't actually perform their functions the way it should be. It's not enough to use the standard methods of promotion and ready casino scripts to create a well working and promising instrument. Individual approach is the only right solution here.


The Edao Company specializes in development of turnkey gaming projects and offers you individual casino development from scratch. Your project is based exclusively on your wishes and our professionalism. Along with the software development, we make a plan for promotion of your online casino, including a list of the individual steps for an online advertising campaign. The goal of this promotion is not only increasing the rating of the website for the search engines, but also gradual improvement of the reputation and trust for your online resource. This approach ensures 100% effectiveness of the project and its successful development in the future.

What does online casino development consist of?

  1. Online casino software platform representing professional algorithms of the gaming environment and the games set (the standard set consists of up to eight games). Since an online casino is website effecting financial transactions, special attention is paid to the protection against fraudsters and to efficient operation of the software.
  2. Attractive and unique website design.
  3. Website launched on a convenient and functional content management system (CMS).
  4. Online casino software integrated with the major payment systems and resources processing credit card payments.

Depending on the complexity level of the online casino, the development term (normally, 3 to 4 months) and cost may vary.

Online casino creation stages:

  • Development of a casino business project, with all the risks and costs taken into consideration;
  • Online casino website design;
  • Casino registration and licensing, and other legal aspects of the gambling business;
  • Selection and training of the staff for the online project;
  • Accommodation of the resource with a reliable hosting service provider;
  • Step-by-step promotion of the casino;
  • Professional support of the online casino.

Our cost of creating an online casino is based on the multilevel and flexible policy, so it ensures the optimal price-quality ratio, considering the individual approach to the needs and wishes of every customer.

To put all the above in a single brief phrase:

«Online casinos – are the most profitable online business».

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