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The Edao Systems Company develops electronic systems for gaming.

We are a team of specialists in programming, design and marketing. The programming technologies that we use cover the major trends in modern programming.

Do you want your software to be based on a certain programming language?
- There are no unknown programming languages for us.
Do you want to have the job done as soon as possible?
- With our individual approach, we can make special plans for the team working on your project, which increases the working speed very much.
Our economical approach allows making our prices quite competitive if compared to the similar services offered in the market sector for this kind of electronic products.

Advantages of online casino creation

Among the great variety of offers related to earning money in the Internet, online casinos have been mentioned pretty often lately. Indeed, a virtual casino is quite a profitable business today that can bring the owner some really good income. Moreover, you don't have to solve a series of legal issues, as real casinos are banned now. And you don't have to buy furniture or expensive playing machines, or hire professional staff. Creating a virtual casino will cost you much less, and the more preferable taxation terms will also allow you to save a lot of money.
If we look at the statistics provided by some of online casino owners, this business can cover all your expenses within six months, but only if development of an online casino is entrusted to true professionals from the very start – to such professionals as the developers, programmers and designers from the Edao Company.

Making a virtual casino – is it so complicated?

Online casino. It may seem that it won't take you a lot of time to create one.
But only a few webmasters really know that an online casino is an incredibly complicated project that can be implemented only by big companies possessing a good team of highly skilled programmers. It's not enough to make a nice design, although it's also quite important. One should be able to develop interactive platforms and game software, paying attention to their protection against cracks and hacker attacks, as well as to understand the operation algorithms of the entire system and to know the rules how the wins and player accounts are charged and how the server program operates, and a lot of other things.
Yes, this is all true. And this is probably the reason why investors can fully entrust development of a casino to the Edao team. Our specialists really have first-hand knowledge of how virtual casinos operate, what software should be used for a certain platform, and what should be done in case the website is under daily hacker attacks.

Why Edao?

If you are interested in development of a gaming platform for your online casino, of course, you may select any team of specialists. But if you want to get an online casino with a reliable security system, attractive design and a proven management system, you will certainly choose the Edao professional team!
If you still doubt that you should come to us to get a virtual casino, we will gladly dispel those doubts. So, why should you entrust this really serious and important task of developing a casino to us?

  • Rich experience. Our specialists were at the origins when the first virtual casinos appeared and became popular. Participating in a big number of various projects, we were enhancing our skills and proving our customers that we really like what we do. Taking all the responsibility, we can say our company occupies the leading positions in developing turnkey casinos. It's also worth mentioning that apart from our rich experience in implementation of the projects designed by our customers, we have also accumulated more than a hundred ready-to-use online projects, and each of them may turn into a promising and profitable business for you.
  • There's nothing that we don't know about design and programming of interactive applications. We are experts in any management system. Thanks to the work done by our specialists, any software is completely secure, highly efficient and reliable. The last thing that you should worry about is the technical part of your online casino project, as we perform multistage testing and effective quality control of every single project that we develop.
  • Making casinos is a well-studied business for us, and our rich experience allows us to speak a common language with our customers. We always understand the needs of our customers perfectly, while the customers are always satisfied with the results of our work, no matter how complicated are the tasks performed by our specialists.
  • We have an open pricing policy: we always try to find a common language with every customer, in relation to pricing issues and bonuses, and we provide real activities at real prices. Although our prices are quite affordable, the quality of the online products we develop always remains at the highest level.
  • For us, making casinos is a combination of a big store of theoretical knowledge and our many years' experience in practical work. Our specialists never stop enhancing their skills, proving to be true professionals.
  • We are seeking to effective communication with our customers. Although we use a big number of stereotyped interactive platforms that online casinos are normally based on, we always find an individual approach to every customer and offer solutions that are unique, bright and original.
Placing an order for development of an online casino, you have to be sure not only about the professionalism of every individual specialist, but also about the cohesion and good coordination inside the team. Our company represents a combination of professionalism and rich experience in the teamwork. If you are interested in prompt implementation of your online project, you can be sure that you will choose exactly this kind of a team if you decide to work with us.

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