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Online casino development is a collaborative work done by experienced programmers within several months. In this project, like in no other, the development quality, the programming code, and absence of any errors or breaches in the software protection are of especial importance. Competent casino development allows avoiding any organizational issues (the software is automated to the maximum extent and practically does not require any human involvement), technical problems (the accurate programming code eliminates the necessity the website support or corrections), or security issues (the software is protected with complicated algorithms and cannot be hacked). You can be sure that the professional online casino system preserves confidentiality of the players' data and their money accounts and that it will secure the casino's reputation and will protect it against hacker attacks.

Services provided by the Edao Company

  • Casino development based on the ready software modules and with the individual peculiar features of your casino taken into account, which reduces the cost of the project and ensures its workability;
  • Website development, programming and technical support;
  • Casino modernization, adding programs and up-to-date applications;
  • Sales of ready business ideas. We can offer over 100 ready business solutions, while 95% of them are our own unique products;
  • Online casino promotion and online PR.

Casino development by the Edao Company means a successful business created on the turnkey basis, providing high guaranteed profits.

1. Online casino development based on the ready professional platforms

You do not have to invent the wheel to create a new gaming project. There are a lot of brilliant solutions that have already proven their value and are successfully implemented in other projects. The use of such platform templates does not mean that all online casinos are the same. You don't buy the template – you buy the unique product based on a well-tested and proven system. The platform is a unique technology providing a fine-tuned algorithm that serves the base for further programming.
Thanks to the many years' experience in development of interactive gaming projects, we have invented a few unique platforms for various kinds of gaming projects. These platforms have been through multiple testing with the already existing projects and they keep on proving their high performance and security.

Online casino investors and owners require the platforms to be flexible to be able to solve their individual tasks. That is why we have grouped our projects by their major features and developed several types of basic platforms. The platforms are made for different budgets, for various graphics requirements and for diverse functionality of an online casino. The flexible settings allow you to create a project with any kind of content that you can imagine.

Online casino development based on a designer platform eliminates the necessity to perform long-term testing of the project and reduces the risks of any errors. Hence, you get a ready casino within the shortest terms possible. One should remember that such ready solutions do not only reduce the development term and provide guarantees, but they also make the project more affordable, as you do not pay for any new technology but partially use the already existing one.

Features of the ready platforms for online casinos:

  • High performance even when there are a big number of visitors on the website;
  • Convenient and intuitive software management system;
  • Fast and easy training for operating the software;
  • Wide opportunities in the software management;
  • Flexibility and modernizability;
  • Improved reliability.

Thanks to the fine-adjusted operation of the Edao system, your online casino will produce a positive image of a reliable company that has come to the market with serious intentions and will always think of its reputation. You will be able to gain maximum efficiency of your casino operation, while spending minimal efforts and time.

2. Website development, programming and technical support

Offering all-inclusive projects, our team can easily develop a unique design and perform high quality programming of the website sections and integration with the required programs, applications and payment systems. You can always count on our technical and website support.

3. Online casino development and modernization

Considering that an online casino is a long-term and costly project, you may be interested in gradual casino development with further extension. It means that when you open your casino and it starts bringing you profit, you will be able to expand the assortment of gaming applications on your website and the range of the your services. Although our software can be easily integrated with any existing website, we recommend that the website should be developed from scratch, as the risk of eventual errors is minimized then.

4. Ready solutions for gaming business

Specializing in development of online gaming projects, we also offer a wide choice of ready business solutions. Our assortment consists of multiuser online games, flash games and applications, onlince casinos, and other non-standard projects. You do not have to wait for several months and invent new ideas: everything has already been developed and tested, so you can get it right away. A ready-made online business is waiting for your decision. You can learn more about our programs by sending us your inquiry using the contact information on this website.

5. Online casino promotion

It is not a secret that the growing competition among online businesses requires development and implementation of advertising campaigns. And the more competent the promotion specialist is, the better is the ratio between the costs and the results of the campaign. Basing on our experience and up-to-date knowledge of promotion and SEO optimization methods, we can ensure the required environment for the growth of your reputation and attendance of your casino website.


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