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     The cost of an online casino is made of a lot of aspects. We don't publish any price lists. No fixed prices are possible for development of an online casino, and for any other kind of individual online project in general. Individual development means individual approach to every customer. Every customer has his own individual preferences. All those preferences, together with the financial abilities, make the primary model of the work organization, which allows us to determine the cost of the project.
     We can name the three major factors of success, not only in making a casino, but also in any other services. These factors are the desired term of the work completion, the desired quality of the work, and the budget.
     We don't scare our customers away with the prices too high and we don't confuse them with the prices too low. We only apply the three factors mentioned above to development of a gaming project. No matter how unique the developer's policy is, or how hard the customer and the executor try, they both will always remain under the influence of these three basic aspects: speed, quality and budget.

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     In this respect, there can't be any fixed prices for a certain product. Everything is based on development of a casino with a standard set of games, but with the individual approach to every customer's desires taken into account. This combination allows us to see all the aspects of a project being born, and even its future life.

     Hence, although it may sound banal, send us your inquiry describing you wishes and preferences, and only then we will able to determine the cost of your online casino or online business project.

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